Monday, January 23, 2017

2017 crafting

WIP: Diamonds

Since January is nearly done, it's probably wise to finally share my goals for the new year. I am keeping the goals fairly broad, so here are the bulletpoints (accented by some WIP photos, which will hopefully be finished this year):

  • Carry less WIPs into 2018 - I started the year with 26 quilting WIPs, and I would really like to finish the year with 10 or less
  • Sew one garment a month
  • Knit/weave at least 1000 yards of worsted/DK weight
  • WIP: Favorite Things

  • Knit/weave at least 1600 yards of sport/sock weight
  • Knit 15 minutes a day in January (I am considering making this a full year goal, as it has been really motivating for me!)
  • Reduce stash/buy less

Star WIP

I'm working on my second quilt finish for the month, and I hope to share both with you in the next few weeks. It feels nice to focus on finishing, although I am also a big fan of an indulgent beginning!

Bird's Eye View bundle

I hope to start something with this bundle in 2017 (Bird's Eye View by Sarah Watson and some stash favorites).


  1. That quilt at the top of your post is GOOOOOOORGEOUS!!

  2. great realistic goals! I love that you want to sew one garment per month. I want to reduce my stash too... but Carolyn Friedlander just released her new collection!! can't help it! great quilt too !

  3. I love goal posts and it's great to see what you are up to. That top quilt is amazing by the way and I'm loving your woven scarf as well!


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