Wednesday, January 4, 2017

FO: Hexagon Wreath

Happy new year! You know, this post would have been more relevant a couple of weeks ago, but here is a Christmassy project for you.

FO: Hexagon Wreath

So, I intended to make this before Christmas 2015, but it never happened. I had the fabric picked out and everything. Magically, when I got to cutting in early December, it was pieced within a day or two (amazing!), quilted, bound, and ready to sparkle. I used a Spoonflower Heidi Kenny print, and a bunch of awesome OOP Cosmo Cricket Dear Mrs. Claus prints, plus a nice gold metallic dot for the background.


I really love it, and I kind of don't want to take it down. And as you can see, I'm using my Marcelle Medallion as a tree skirt (which the cats have thoroughly enjoyed). I used Jeni's clever Color Hex pattern, and just left off the borders (it makes a pretty generous 45" square as written). I think I'll keep this pattern in mind next time I need a baby gift! Okay, time to take the tree down..

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  1. It turned out so pretty and festive! I love the whole idea of turning it into a wreath, so fun.


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