Monday, February 13, 2017

(oldish) FO: Tula 100

FO: Tula 100

When the 100 Modern Quilt Blocks book was released, I thought it would be a fun introduction to sample quilting. I have wanted to make a Farmer's Wife quilt for years, but thought this would be easier.

First three

So, in 2014, I started making blocks.

For 100 Modern Quilt Blocks

I chose my fabrics at the beginning, but then I would select specific fabrics for a handful of blocks at a time. It was a nice way to make progress sporadically, but often months would go by before I would choose for the next set. Enough time passed that I realized I needed to finish the project, as it was starting to be less enjoyable. There was nothing wrong with the block patterns, I think it was just my personal tastes. And honestly, it might also be due to how many projects I work on at a time.

So, somewhere around 55 blocks, I quit.
Which is okay.
Life is too short for projects that don't bring you joy.

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I finished the top at the beginning of 2016 using some Essex yarn-dyed linen in an improvisational fashion. it was really fun to lay the blocks out in groups and I used some strips of fabric from my stash to add interest. I didn't even use all of the blocks in the top (I have a small pile left with an unknown purpose), but it feels good to have it finished and usable. And actually, it's been done since September (or maybe August).

FO: Tula 100

I especially love the back of this one!

FO: Tula 100

Maybe someday, I will try the Farmer's Wife or another sampler quilt. Who knows?


  1. I love how you ended up putting this together, making do with the blocks you made! And the colors are so good!!

  2. How nice to have this done. I really like your use of your blocks, including the unique placement.

  3. Interesting how this one came together and your process. Another winner for you!


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