Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kitty Rescue

Monday afternoon, there was a kitty stuck in the tree outside my back door. He was very high, probably near 15 feet up. He was there most of the afternoon (I was off work, and knitting in the living room). I went out to check on him every thirty minutes or so, and he would meow at me, and just sit there. He eventually tried to get down, as the sun went down and it got cold. The boy came home from work and rolled his eyes at me as I held up a pillow in the air under the cat, and said "come here,kitty, kitty", and made other aimless attempts to lure him down. He saved the day, though, by climbing the tree and saving the cat. We think he is about 3-6 months old, judging his size, and the fact that he's not been neutered. He's so sweet, and purrs like a motorboat. Adorable. Bellacat isn't too keen on him, but Ninja (our dog) is VERY interested. I've been bringing him to work every day in a kennel, so Bella can have some peace and quiet. We're trying to find his owner, or a home for him, but it's looking more and more hopeless, and more and more like I have a new cat. Just in case, I've dubbed him Fox.

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