Thursday, December 27, 2007

Techniques, Helpful Links

While perusing Fitted Knits at lunch today, I came across a few things that I've read about or seen, but require a little more study before actual practice is done.
Links to improve my knitting ability: -KFB information
I know this probably isn't too difficult, because watching the video on The Knitting Help video seemed fairly straightforward, but I want to check out these other links to make sure I understand it.
KFB Bar Increase

Another KFB explanation

Third example

TechKnitting misc. links:
Increases here
and here

Flat knitting on circs
Pattern reading

Correcting Errors


also here

and here
Article on gauge
One of my knitting resolutions is to learn how to correct mistakes. I already have one book of knitting tips, but there are a couple of books I'm thinking of adding to my library on this subject.

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