Friday, December 7, 2007

Things I've learned

I'm improving at determining how much yarn to pull when casting on. I used to pull way too much, and then I'd have a really long tail. I'm not perfect at it, but there's definitely a difference.
I know that I should trust my instinct on knitting. If it seems too tight, it probably is. If I think I should wait before attempting something complicated, even if just until the next day, I probably should put the knitting down.
I decided that I'm probably not ready for the Central Park Hoodie, so I've put that down, and am starting a very basic sweater, which I found in a Paton's pamphlet. I don't want to jump into something so ambitious that I get discouraged, but I've picked something that I think I'll be able to wear often.
I've determined that the scarf I've been knitting for my mother is entirely too freaking wide. She'll never wear it in it's current state. I'm just glad I didn't get all the way to the end before I decided that. I may just knit her a hat instead. That seems to be my favorite thing as of late, but it's such a nice, small, manageable project.
I'm blocking the hat I finished for my sister, because it is pretty tight. I'm going to knit a few rows of this new sweater I'm attempting, and then I should probably go to bed, since we'll have lots of company tomorrow.

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