Tuesday, March 25, 2008

All kinds of ridiculous

When one is purchasing yarn, one should consider their capabilities as a knitter. If one has yet to learn, for example, how to knit socks, one should not buy sock yarn like it's going out of style. One should especially not do this if they already have enough sock yarn to sock their closest friends. Resisting the beauty of the sock yarn is mighty difficult, but one should.

Or one could not listen to itself. Whatever.


  1. That's not sock yarn, that's Chevron Scarf yarn, and baby hat yarn, and glove yarn. (I collect patterns that use sock yarn in order to justify buying more sock yarn.)

  2. Thanks, Melissa-I appreciate the enabling. ;) You're right though-I could definitely use this for something besides socks, and really it's so pretty that maybe I'd rather use it for hands or a head!


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