Sunday, March 16, 2008


Sarah and I had a blast in New Mexico. We hit seven yarn shops in four days. It was amazing. I have lots to say about the trip, but let's just let this picture speak for itself. This is after four of the seven shops:

Enough said. I will give more details on my stash additions soon, but I also have my something red (and yellow) to show you. I made lots of progress on the trip, so here's me with the sleeves on scrap yarn this morning:

Yep-very exciting. I'm debating doing little cables instead of ribbing at the bottom, as you can see Fancie Pants did here. I'm not sure yet. I will be adding another yellow stripe just above the ribbing/cables, or near the bottom of the garment, as well as on the sleeves.
That's all for now. More stash and trip pictures to come.

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  1. Mmm, yarn. Your Something Red is coming along awesomely!


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