Thursday, March 6, 2008

Travel and such

This afternoon, my mom leaves for a 17-day trip to Turkey and Paris. She's never been out of North America, and she's excited/nervous/scared. I'm jealous/envious/excited for her. :) She asked me what type of souvenir I'd like, and after some serious thought, I requested some yarn, if she comes across any. I imagine that especially in Turkey, wool is plentiful and easy to find. I was going to write down for her specifications for yarn I'd like, but this morning, I told her to just look and feel, and that she is perfectly capable of picking something good. Also, of course, I told her not to spend more than she wanted to, because, as we know, you can easily throw down an arm and a leg for some yarn.

Sunday, I leave for New Mexico (just one state over, so not quite as exciting as Turkey and Paris) with Sarah. I'm really excited to be off work for a week, go to yarn shops, knit, eat good food, and just have some girl time with Sarah.
I still haven't figured out what I'm going to take to work on, but I started Something Red and even though it will be a large project, it would be good for a trip like this, where I'll have lots of time over the week to work on it. Whether I bring it or not, I will also be bringing some sock yarn to start practicing. I think this trip is the perfect time to learn, and not just because Sarah will be there to help me. ;)

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