Thursday, March 20, 2008

Little baby skeins

Ravelry has some fantastic ads, and while they usually are at least worth a glance, two in the last few weeks have been so tempting that I couldn't resist clicking them. The first was for Zen Yarn Garden on etsy, and they had an amazing offer of five baby skeins, each of a different sock yarn, for just $5.00 including shipping. While I'm not yet a sock knitter, and I have plenty of yarn, I couldn't resist trying out their lovely yarns for this low price. So, click! Yarn is on it's way. I got it this week, and it's been fun practicing with the baby needles.

It's nice that they give you all yarn in one colorway, so you actually could conjure up a little FO using all of them. Another bonus is that they give you a discount on your first purchase if you first get the sampler. Pretty awesome in my book.
Today I got suckered in AGAIN, this time with Wool Girl, and again, with sock yarn! Geez. I really need to start knitting some socks! I ended up buying two different types of sock yarn in colorways I could not live without. I'm not at all opposed to using it for non-socks, but we'll see-maybe this will be the motivation I need to learn.
Here's another example of baby skeins I came across in New Mexico. While at the Fiesta Outlet in Albuquerque, I scored some beautiful baby skeins for just a buck a piece. Amazing, right?

I got six skeins, in semi-coordinating colors (paired off, I mean). There are 3 skeins of 100% silk (La Luz), some 100% cashmere, and a wool blend.
Ah, they make me happy.

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