Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Speechless (not really)

Sarah is the best. Not only did she let me vent about the killer week I had (last week), as well as griping about the future (bridesmaid responsibilities), she also surprises me with a little pick-me-up. Coming home from errands on Saturday to find this was such a treat:

The bridezilla graphic is amazing, and she sent me some awesome etsy treats. The soap smells amazing, and made the yarn smell good as well. Yeah, did I mention the yarn? Amazing. I've never used handspun before, but I can't wait.

It's so gorgeous. Sarah made a hat with it, which she wore on our New Mexico trip, and the fabric it makes is really fun.
Thanks again, Sarah.


  1. LOL - that graphic is hilarious! That'll be the perfect image to remember whenever the bride is having a "moment." ;)

  2. I have no problem believing that bride is a DD.

    Is that inappropriate?


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