Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend Ramblings

The weekend was unusual, and so much fun. I'm still sick, but I didn't let it stop me from getting out and seeing some old friends. Friday night, I helped celebrate the 50th birthday of a wonderful woman, Rho Jo. I've known her since I was in kindergarten, as her oldest daughter was one of my first friends. She's hilarious.

She's second to the left, and I'm second to the right.
Two things: 1)Is it just me, or does the guy next to Rho Jo look like a certain political figure from recent history? and 2)There was a theme of tropical/cowboy, which is the reason for the attire. I'm not sure why I thought tequila shots were a good idea, but they did help my throat! However, cheering for the birthday girl all night did not help. I saw lots of old friends, but spent the most time with Rhondy and Ceci. I stayed much later than I planned, and it was worth every minute.
Saturday, Dean and I did some spring cleaning, shopping, and decided to take advantage of the gorgeous day by grilling. We invited Rhonda and Ceci to join us for chicken, burgers and grilled veggies. The three of us got so wrapped up in looking at old yearbooks (hilarious!) that they decided to stay the night. I had so much fun with them; I don't have very many girlfriends, but these girls are special.
Yesterday was spent knitting, playing computer games, and some food.

I only drank one beer, as I still have a cough, but other than that I'm feeling pretty good.
I managed to wind the yarn for Terra's wedding present, and cast on yesterday afternoon.

Sequins make winding difficult, so I did it carefully by hand. This yarn is too expensive to snag! I'm enjoying the pattern so far, but I'm only about four rows in. My goal, which is probably completely unrealistic, is to complete the purse by the last weekend of the month, in order to give it to her for her shower. If not, I will have to finish up the following week, but the drop-dead date is May 3rd.

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  1. I think our moms and RhoJo are going to Texas Traditions this Friday... unless something better comes up (I can't imagine what could be better) I think I'm gonna meet them over there and you and Dean should, too! Wait. Are you slumber partying this weekend? I have a horrible memory.


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