Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thanks, mom!

I know I posted about my mother's venture to Turkey and Paris, and shamefully, I haven't posted about her return, or the very sweet gift she brought me back. It doesn't mean I'm not appreciative. Given that my mother knows virtually nothing about yarn, she did really well. I can imagine her walking around in the open markets, telling random vendors that she's looking for yarn because her daughter is a knitter. So cute. :)
My mother had a fantastic trip and discovered things she never even knew existed. I'm so proud of her, as this was her first international trip (except a quick trip to Mexico when she was in high school).

Here's a picture of the yarn she brought back for me. I'm thinking I'll make some hats (including one in purple for my mom). Mom, thank you so much for thinking of me on your trip, and always.

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  1. You are welcome - and I'm glad that you liked what I found. It was a neat experience - the excitement of spotting the pile of yarn, and quickly picking out some so we would not miss the bus - it was a little "Canton" with a little bit of everything including the most delicious looking fresh vegetables!



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