Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hurricane and whatnot

This is my first hour of internet after Ike. Our power finally came on last night. I feel very fortunate right now. Virtually all of Houston is still without power, and thousands of people in Galveston and the surrounding area lost their homes.

Houston is really eerie right now. Gas is hard to come by, grocery stores that are open don't have much on the shelves. It's a madhouse.

My little townhome is not damaged, and the bright side of the storm is that I spent lots of time with my neighbors, whom I really enjoy. We grilled for the nights without power. Another bright side is the cool front we are experiencing-it's the only relief this city is getting right now. I took some pictures just before the storm hit, which I'll share soon.

I barely knit a stitch during the storm, even though I haven't been back to work since Thursday (no power there, either!). I just haven't been able to focus on knitting, but I'm sure I'll get back into it soon. I'm just trying to get back into my normal routine first.

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