Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What are the odds?

I haven't really mentioned the knitting group I've started meeting up with. I met a few cool gals at the WWKIP day here in H-town, and now I knit with them on a semi-regular weekly basis. Each Tuesday, we pick a local restaurant, knit, eat and hang out for a couple of hours. Last night, we chose The Hobbit. We were all set for our favorite eats, and after arriving, we learned it was closed for repairs this week.

We all hopped back in our cars, and headed to a nearby Cafe Express. The four of us ordered and paid, and the power went out. There was no rain, wind, or any other natural element that could have caused the power outage, by the way (there was construction on the street in front, though, so that could be the culprit). They gave us vouchers (not refunds, which sort of pissed me off), and we went to Whole Foods. They, too, had no power.

We picked a fourth place, Romano's Pizza, which finally worked. We got there and enjoyed the Mona Lisa Special, knit and then went home about 8. Hilarious turn of events, but we had fun in the process, and I guess that's what it's about.

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  1. Haha! Nice. That's cool that you found a knitting group. I haven't gotten around to trying out any groups since my first bad experience with one. Maybe some day...


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