Monday, September 22, 2008

Progress, and two sewing FOs!

I did quite a bit of crafting this weekend. I had no schedule obligations, and was able to work leisurely on whatever I wanted. I finished this zip-pouch, found in Bend-the Rules Sewing:

I used some fabric I bought at Joann's for this, and it was my first zipper project. I'm pretty proud of it, and it came together pretty quickly. I have fabric already cut and placed for a second pouch, and maybe I'll finish that up this week. I would like to make some of these for Christmas gifts, if time permits.

Here's my new pride and joy:

Also from Bend-the-Rules, my second tote bag. It's the same pattern as my first tote a few months ago. I made this one a bit larger, and I sewed it up a bit differently than the last. I'm so proud of how it turned out, and I'm actually using it today (to haul around my knitting). I used three different fabrics for this. The big flower print is a Come Quilt with Me fabric I purchased on etsy, and the turquoise trim piece is by Valori Wells, also an etsy purchase. Since I only had an FQ of the Come Quilt with Me print, I used this chunk to match the height of the other side, and I really like the accent. The inside and second strap are from a Joann's fabric. Each inside has a pocket, one in the Valori Wells print, and the other in a My Folklore scrap from my first tote bag:

I've also been knitting feverishly. I'm frogging the Picovoli top, as there were really more mistakes made than I could live with. I think this stems from the fact that the yarn is sort of slippery on metal needles, and it stretches, so when I remake this, I'm going to use smaller needles, and possibly, a smaller size. I started the Back-to-School vest, and am now finished with the ribbing. I'm loving it so far, and have lots of motivation to quickly finish it.

I also made some progress on my sock, which I'm now working on magic loop (much faster!).


  1. Look at you go with your magic loop socks! I've swayed you to the dark side! mwwwaaahaaahaaa!

  2. I love your sewing projects!! Gorgeous fabric choices. They are both very kick ass.


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