Friday, July 2, 2010

The deep end

After dreaming and thinking about quilts for months, I decided to take the plunge and just start one. There are so many inspiring quilters to learn from; my blog roll and flickr friends list has been growing. To start the process, I made a list of all the fabrics I've got, and arranged them by color. I could probably make nine quilts with what I have on hand. I'll have to remember to share a picture of my fabric stash; it sort of grew when I wasn't looking.

First quilt: in progress

I compiled two groups of fabrics that I wanted to use right away, and then picked one to start. My color combination is pink, gray and yellow. I'm using one of Oh, Frannson's free patterns, but I'm modifying it to be bigger, and thus using additional fabrics/yardage. It's the Nine-Patch pattern. I won't be following the pattern for the back, but instead using large scraps from some of fabric used for the patch blocks on the back. I cut all of my strips of fabric on Sunday, and I've been sewed like crazy last night. I've got most of the strips sewn together, but have yet to cut any into the smaller strips.

First quilt: in progress

It's fun to have such a big project ahead of me.

In knitting news, I'm planning to cast on for a pair of anklet socks this weekend, but I haven't knit a stitch all week!


  1. yay quilts! i love that elephant fabric.

  2. Ooo, that is going to make SUCH a pretty quilt! I'm thinking of heading out to the fabric store today to check out potential finds for my first quilt, too.

  3. Loving the fabric choices! I can imagine what amazing combos they will make.

  4. See, this is what scares me about getting into quilting! I just finished my first quilt top and am already dreaming about the second! (and third, and fourth, you get the picture).


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