Monday, July 26, 2010

Shawl Progress and a Sewing FO

This weekend, I put in some serious crafting time. My Swallowtail Shawl (shawl #5 of 2010) was in hibernation for months, but resurfaced a few weeks ago. I'm now working my first nupp row (by the way, nupps really are annoying, but I'm hoping they get easier).

Progress: Swallowtail Shawl

I'm further along than this photo shows, but I wanted to get a picture before I lost daylight yesterday.

Additionally, on Saturday I decided to make myself a pincushion to match my sewing room. My current pincushion is heart-shaped (it's pretty ugly and generic) and came from Joann's when I first picked up sewing again. After a couple of crafting hours, here is my result.


I used scraps from the pillows I made Rhonda last month. The Deer Valley line by Joel Dewberry is one of my favorites.

Detail on pincushion

I love the little triangles, which are from a charm square I've had forever. When I first started sewing again, I bought a box of charm squares on eBay, which I never really used, but I've pulled some of my favorites for scrappy use. I like the black contrast stitching as well. I used bamboo stuffing, but next time, I think I'll add some beans or beads to give it a little more weight. I've also read that walnut shells are a good natural additive. It feels sturdy as is, though.

FO: Red + aqua pincushion

I love it, and I'm hoping to make more.


  1. What a cute pincushion! I just saw one yesterday that was a pincushion/pencil holder. Looks like it might be time to retire my green tomato one from Michael's .

  2. Fabulous pincushion! As always, love those fabrics!

  3. Your shawl is looking great, and I adore that pincusion!

  4. I like that a lot! Great color combo. Can't wait to see your dress!


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