Thursday, July 8, 2010

First blocks done!

Although my weekend didn't allow for much sewing, I've got about ten squares fully finished. Only eleventy billion to go!

Progress: First Quilt

I actually finished more than ten, but some of the blocks are a bit smaller than the required 8" X 8". I will either use them for the back, or for some matching pillows. Or maybe I'll share them. I'm not sure yet. I do love how they're turning out, though. I'm still on the fence about the solid squares and binding. I'm leaning towards Kona Medium Gray for the solid squares. I've got about two yards of it, which should be enough for the front. The back and binding are still up for debate.

First quilt blocks

It's exciting to have a large project in front of me, and I savor each minute I get to spend on it. It's a good ting, too; I've got a lot of minutes ahead.

I spent most of the weekend with my family, and I got to hold this little cutie:


This is Dixie (that's Jill holding her), my uncle's newest German Shorthair Pointer. Just look at that freckled belly!


  1. I can't decide which is cuter - the puppy or the 9-patches! I love the mermaid fabric - is that Amy Butler?

  2. i love the quilt blocks, but oh the puppy! love!

  3. I just love the combos you're creating. Those blocks are super cute!

    What an adorable pup!

  4. Oh, I love your quilt blocks! The little elephants are great, I can't wait to see your continued work on this.

    And that puppy is a cutie!!


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