Friday, July 23, 2010

Slowly progressing

This quilt is such a big project, and my free time is somewhat sporadic. The result is that I don't feel as if I'm moving very quickly through this process.


The bright side is that I'm nearly done with my nine-patch squares. The next step is cutting my solid suares and then sewing together the top. I picked some coordinating thread colors that I'm contemplating for the top-stitching. My solid top squares will be gray (either Kona medium gray or coal). For the binding, I'm planning to use Kona Daffodil or Bubble Gum (seen in the picture above).

Does anyone have an opinion on the binding and/or thread color? I may use more than one thread color, since I sort of love them all! I may use one within the squares, and then use the other on the binding.

Dreaming of the next one

I'm already dreaming of my second quilt, using these orange and blue fabrics. Ithink I'll wait to dig into it, as two giant unfinished quilting projects would just be too much. It's fun to plan, though!


  1. i do the whole "jumping to the next thing before the first is finished" all the time. gets me into trouble. ;-)

  2. The blue and pink threads are so pretty! I like the idea of using different thread colors.

    Those orange and blue fabrics will go great together!

  3. beautiful colors! i don't sew and can't quilt, but this looks like it will be lovely.

  4. Love your squares! I think the pink would be fantastic for the binding, and I love the idea of the different colored threads. Can't wait to see it come together!


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