Monday, January 10, 2011

2011: The Year of the Swap

I've joined three swaps for the new year. Perhaps that's a bit ambitious, seeing as I've never done one before. I'm very excited, though, and I feel confident I can complete these three commitments.

The first swap is Pillow Talk. This group is just completing their fourth round, and the projects are amazing. You can see some of the incredible past contributions here. I will get to make a pillow for another group member, and one will be made for me.

do. Good Stitches

The second group is do. Good Stitches, created by Stitched in Color. This isn't really a swap, but a charity quilting bee. It's a six month commitment, and each month, I make two quilt blocks for a quilt planner, who then completes a quilt top from the group's squares. The finished quilts are given to the charity of the quilter's choice. I'm excited, and am currently finishing up my first two quilt squares, which I'll share here when I'm finished. You can view the group's page here.

The final group I joined is the Spicing up the Kitchen swap. This is a brand new group and the swapping is just about to begin. I have until March 1st to complete my swap goodies.

Spice up your kitchen inspiration

I created this mosaic to give my secret partner some ideas and inspiration. (Please click through to the picture for image credits)

I think these three group will be a fun addition to my 2011 crafting. If all goes well, I plan to continue with them all, and maybe even join more groups as the year goes on.

I still have not finished thinking about my 2011 goals, but I'll be posting on that topic soon, as well as sharing another sewing FO.


  1. Great swaps! I'm looking forward to seeing what you make/receive for them. And I love the mosaic you sent your partner for the Kitchen swap, so fun!

  2. Oh, neat ideas! I can't wait to see what you get/give for them. Have fun!

  3. I think it's very cool that you are doing these (And they all sound like such fun swaps!). One day when work doesn't rule every aspect of my life, I'd like to search some out...even the 'fun' knitting ones I've done in the past challenged me in ways that made me want to do more. Looking forward to seeing all the goodies you come up with for each of these.


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