Tuesday, January 25, 2011

FO: Fetching part trois

Chicken Julie and I decided to do a swap a month or so back. She doesn't knit and she wanted a pair of fingerless gloves. She's an amazing quilter (you should see her in progress selvage quilt!), so I asked her for a mug rug and a baby tee for Oliver in return. I should be receiving her package any day this week, and here's the mitts I made for her.

FO: Fetching part trois

I of course, went with Fetching for the pattern, and used a skein of Wool of the Andes in Persimmon Heather. You can see a picture of her wearing them here. This rusty orange is definitely a good color for Julie.

I can't wait for my package, and I'll share pictures later this week.

Thanks, Julie!

In other swap news, I did a fabric scrap swap with Brooke, aka Apriltwo eighty, and I definitely made out like a bandit. I promised her some yellow scraps, but realized I had actually used most of my yellow on the back of my quilt. I included some other colors too, but she really outdid herself with the package I got. Check out the beautiful scraps I received:

Amazing scraps from Apriltwoeighty

Brooke, I definitely owe you one. Thank you so much! I have already used a few pieces in the Spicing up the Kitchen swap, and have plans for some of the other pieces.

If you're not already familiar with Brooke handiwork, check out her photostream, where I find constant inspiration. I'm especially loving her in progress Heather Ross Ticker Tape quilt.

Up next, I've got part one of my Spicing up the Kitchen swap complete.


  1. You cannot go wrong with fetching. Third time's a charm!

    And you seriously lucked out with that fabric!

  2. very cool! i have scrap envy.

    you know, i don't think i've ever made a pair of fetchings. that i can remember anyway. i'm probably the only one.

  3. I love them so very much - I hope your package arrives soon!

  4. Lovely Fetchings! And the ticker tape quilt is such a cool idea! I'll have to look into that more. Is that what you're planning for the scraps?

  5. Swaps like these are just perfect! The mitts are lovely and it looks like she really enjoyed them...and such a load of beautiful scraps!


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