Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 Goals

In working on setting goals for myself, I tend to set them a little out of reach.
On that note, here's what I've come up with for 2011:
1)  No yarn purchases in 2011, with the following exceptions:
-yarn needed for a gift, when no stash yarn will work
-yarn for Beatnik (I so want to make this before the end of the year)
-if I knit ten skeins from the stash, I can buy one skein
-I can trade/sell stash in exchange for yarn
2)  Finish the Gray + Pink + Yellow quilt and make two additional quilts

3)  Complete the swaps I've joined
4)  Complete the two pairs of socks I've started, and two additional pairs
5)  Finish the colorwork hat I've started, and one additional colorwork project (I've got to get better at this!)
6)  Finish both my CPH and the Gray Skies Cardigan
7)  Knit Beatnik
8)  Sew three garments for myself
9)  Clean out and donate from closets, cabinets
10)Blog more often
11)Take more pictures
12)Attend the Sewing Summit (!) in October
13)Use fabric and yarn stash on projects I can enjoy
14)Exercise at least once a week
15)Finish Jill's house items
So, that's my list as of now.
Here's hoping I can accomplish many things this year, and I wish the same for you.


  1. wow that sounds ambitious! good luck with your goals.

    i did now know there was a sewing summit. off to look that up now...

  2. what an awesome list of goals for 2011!! You're going to have an aweosme year, accomplishing those things.

  3. I love seeing other people's goals and list of 'to dos'...especially if the list-maker is overly ambitious like me! Looks like you have enough to keep you busy this year...good luck with it all!

  4. A nice list of goals--they sound ambitious but still attainable. 2011 will be a good year I think. :)

  5. Sounds like an ambitious but achievable list of goals! And very jealous you're going to the Sewing Summit!

  6. This is a good list! Last year I wrote out everything I wanted to do and there was a list of 36 things and it made me sad. So I went with overarching themes this year. Good luck with your list!


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