Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The Fourth of July marks my family's annual gathering. This year, it was held at my grandparents' farm, a place that holds millions of happy memories for me.

There are some new kittens at the farm right now.

Lizzy Liz

My mom rescued one who got abandoned in a pigeon coop. Liz is considerably smaller than the other kittens, but is gaining strength and eating plenty.

Liz, the wonder kitty

I texted Elliott while I was there to say, "I'm bringing home some kittens!".
He did not acknowledge my comment.
He knows me well.

Golden Boy

This is Golden Boy. I wish I could have captured the cuteness of these two playing together, but all I got was some blurry shots. They are quick!

I recently finished up my do.Good Stitches July blocks.

July "Comfort" blocks

Spiderweb blocks are so beautiful, but they are definitely time consuming. This is a perfect bee block, because it takes a lot of patience to make just one block, let alone enough for an entire quilt.

New project: Scrappy Spiderwebs

That reminds me. I'd like to do something with these blocks I started back in January.

By the way, I finished my Wonky Bee Quilt. However, this is a crazy work week, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to post pictures. I can't wait to show you!


  1. Oh my god, is there anything cuter than a kitten? I think not. Except a sleeping kitten. Oh my god.

  2. What cute kittens! And, I LOVE your red, white, and blue blocks. I don't know how you find time for all of the things you do!

  3. aw, i love kittens! so cute fun and playful. oy.

  4. awwwwww--kittens! so cute.

    can't wait to see your finished quilt!

  5. Sweet kittens! Love those blocks.

  6. What Yarndude said! You should've brought them home!

  7. kittens!! There is nothing cuter than kittens. I'd be bringing them all home in my handbag if I had my way!

  8. Love Lizzie! She is even more adorable in "person"!! Great photos!


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