Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One sock on, one sock off...

Sometimes, you just have to admit defeat (or defeet, if you're super corny). After months of languishing on the needles, I decided to frog my Marlene sock progress.

Frogged: Marlene in Madeline Tosh Sock

I had concerns about how saggy this sock was on my foot, and I finally frogged it last week. The lovely MadelineTosh Sock yarn will go back into the stash, and I'll try again. It might have been the needle size, or maybe I'll try casting on with less stitches, but it just didn't work out.

It was pretty calming to rip this baby apart and rewind the yarn cake. I would rather destroy progress than be unhappy with the finished sock.

I also cast on for a new sock on the 4th of July. While my boyfriend watched some soccer, I worked on this beauty.

This yarn is amazing

This yarn is The Plucky Knitter's MCN Fingering in Nautical Mile, a perfect way to start July's Project Spectrum focus on blue. It's the perfect blue and just slightly semi-solid. I'm using a pattern from Wendy Johnson's Socks from the Toe Up called the Trilobite Sock. Kind of a perfect match, I think. [Side note: It's hard to get your hands on Plucky Knitter yarn, but damn, is it ever worth it. It's so soft and vibrant.]

I can trust Bella

The stitch pattern is really lovely so far. I'm hoping to get an actual sock completed before the end of July. Whoa. That would be amazing for me. If you're new to sock knitting, Wendy's book is a great resource. There is a section at the front dedicated to explaining the various cast on and bind off methods for socks, as well as some variations on the heel.

I love the Turkish Cast-on best, and that's what I'm using here.

If you knit socks, what's your favorite cast on for a toe-up sock, or do you prefer knitting from the cuff-down?


  1. Ooh, the Pluckyknitter MCN really is some nice stuff. I managed to win some in a blog contest of hers once. :) I love that blue, though! My favorite invisible cast-on for in-the-round knitting is Judy's Magic one, but I've never tried the Turkish, so I don't know how it compares.

  2. Nooooooo!!!!! I loved those MadTosh socks. BUT I do recognize the good feeling you get from frogging something that just isn't working.

    I've only ever done top down socks so I generally use the twisted German cast on which is super stretchy but I do have my eye on a pattern that's toe up so maybe I'll be trying out a new cast on soon.

  3. gosh, i love it when frogging is satisfying. it's like clearing a little bit of guilt.

    i use the magic cast-on for toe-up.

  4. Oh! What a shame those lovely socks weren't turning out. I managed to get my hands on some Plucky Knitter yarn *once*. It was lovely stuff.

  5. i use judy's magic cast-on for toe up socks. it's my fave.

    on your redo of marlene, you might try a sock yarn this is at least 3 or more plies. i'm pretty sure tosh sock is a 2ply, which will have less bounce and might have contributed to the saggy factor with all that twisted ribbing.

    i think i used kp bare, which is a 4ply for my marlene and it's quite clingy and hugs the foot. i also used valley yarns franklin on pomatomus, which is a similar pattern with all the twisted ribbing. it's also a 4ply.

    tosh sock would be lovely in lace or colorwork for when you feel like reusing it. it's a gorgeous color.

  6. sometimes there's no other solution but to frog, and save the yarn for another project. it's beautiful yarn, I'm sure you'll knit something perfect with it one day! !I love your 4th of July socks, they are gorgeous. Would you beleive I've never tried toe up socks? I usually only knit one pair of socks a year, though.

  7. Both yarns are beautiful :) I have some madelinetosh just begging to be knit.

    I use a figure 8 cast on for the toe, and I always knit toe up. I've recently tried some different patterns, but I've just gone back to my own plain-Jane pattern.

  8. Defeet! Ha! Sorry about the frogging, but I love a good pun. I have given up on socks in general for me.

  9. Sorry you have to frog! That Tosh Sock is a gorgeous color. If it's any consolation, I frogged my first attempt at Marlene, too. When you're ready to give the pattern another go, it's lovely in Smooshy.

    And those embroider bee blocks from last time are fabulous!

  10. Oh poo! Too bad you had to rip those beautiful socks, but at least you can reuse the beautiful yarn. Your other pair looks great too, so you're still scoring a pretty pair. :)

    For toe-up I always use Judy's Magic Cast On, and for top down I've been using the Double Cast On lately. It's like the long-tail, but you create pairs of stitches. Nice and even but stretchy.

  11. Ok, you totally lost me because I'm a knitter of the utmost beginnernest, but I am quite enthralled by the lovely pattern and shade of your new blue sock. Also, I now officially know what it means to "frog" a project. hehe.

  12. Okay, you may have just inspired me to frog my own Marlene. I love the pattern but I HATE knitting it. I'd love to have the FO but I wish they'd knit themselves!


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