Friday, July 29, 2011

Food Friday - On the grill

I love these

My mom made these stuffed jalapenos last weekend. She makes them for most family gatherings. I have a hard time not consuming the entire plate. They are so easy to make and always delicious.

Then, last Saturday, Elliott and I made Chicken Souvlaki using this recipe.

Chicken Souvlaki

It, and the accompanying grilled veggies were perfect for a hot summer day, along with the homemade Tzatziki sauce.

What's your favorite grilling recipe?


  1. ooh, those look SO good!! I think my favorite grilling recipe is straight up burgers. but G makes them with bacon and blue cheese, which is pretty out of this world.

  2. Those bacon-jalapenos look fantastic!

    I like easy grilling recipes - things like carne asada, or regular old burgers. If I'm feeling a bit fancy, we've grilled flank steak pinwheels. Butterfly the steaks, smear with some kind of filling (bleu cheese is my fave), roll, skewer, slice, and grill.

  3. Thank you, I will be trying them both!

  4. Those look delicious! Is that bacon I see on the jalapenos? Both of those recipes make me want to emphasize the "mostly" in my "mostly vegetarian" diet :)

    I'll have to forward them along to J since he's the master of the grill in this household.


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