Thursday, November 17, 2011

Post-Summit Swap: Received

I have been so fortunate in the swaps I've participated in. The Post Summit Swap is definitely not an exception. Here is the mosaic I created as an inspiration for my partner:

Post-Summit Swap Mosaic
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And my partner, Diane totally rocked it!! She made me an adorable mini quilt in the always awesome grellow color scheme:


Please excuse the bad lighting, but you can see how gorgeous it is! And look at that little pouch! A kitty! What???
Here's a better shot of the pouch that Diane took. So yeah, I truly love these goodies she made me!

Thanks again, Diane! I intended to get it up on the wall this weekend, but hopefully, it will be hung sometime this week!


  1. i'm so envious! that quilt is gorgeous, but i think my favorite part is the binding. and tiny kitty is so cute. lucky you!

  2. So pretty! And, yes, the kitty pouch totally rocks.

  3. i really love it jacey! yellow and grey... it doesn't get better, it is like a sunny and rainy day all at once. and that itty bitty kitty pouch... love it.

  4. Oh my goodness, I love it! Yellow and grey! Sooooo lucky. The cat purse is adorable. What a great mail day :)

  5. Lucky you! Love the colors and the kitty purse is too cute!!

  6. It was a fun swap and I love the one you received!!

  7. I immediately think "Jacey" when I see those colors together...what a fantastic swap partner! So glad you have had good success with swaps...maybe I should continue joining in one or two in the future? ;)


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