Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy mail, part two

Do you know Chicken Julie? She is amazing, as evidenced here. We met on flickr a few years back, and I've adored her ever since. We decided to do a little swap last year, because she wanted some fingerless mitts. She made me a little mini and a tee-shirt for Oliver.

We decided to swap again, and she blew. me. away.

From Jules: Selvage Mini

Just look at the loveliness.

The way she uses selvages is so inspiring. I love the plus/cross design she created with her rainbow pieces.

Closeup: ChickenJulie Selvage Mini

And look at the quilting. Just look!

As if the mini wasn't enough, Julie also sent along some extras:

The extras

She made some matching selvage potholders, an adorable black and white fabric, some homemade washi tape, and some jam (not pictured)!

Jules, you are awesome! I sent her package out today, and I'll share that with you later this week!

*Total tangent, but I looked up the proper spelling of selvage/selvedge. Apparently, both are correct! I always wondered. Selvage is the US version of the word, and selvedge is the British equivalent. Who knew??


  1. oh, those selvage items are just awesome...I never would have thought to use that part of fabric. The creativity of folks just takes my breath away some times.

  2. Those flickr friends sure are GREAT:)!! I LOVE that mini! How creative..she really did a fantastic job..Good for you! XO

  3. oh my gracious, those selvage pluses are awesome! and thanks for the selvage trivia. i always wondered also. and how thoughtful that she sent you some potholders. you do love to cook! ;)

  4. That is an awesome mini! And the goodies are fantastic too! Thanks for the info on selvedge, I think I'm British, i do the same thing with grey...

  5. Glad you like your goodies, sweet friend. I love our annual swaps!

  6. Cool goodies!! I'm terrible at spelling & almost never get selvedge correct on the first try... And two spellings, that will mess me up even more ;)

  7. Oh my goodness! That mini is awesome! I've never seen anything like it - how clever! Can't wait to see what you made for her!

  8. whoa, what a lovely quilt! you are a lucky duck!


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