Monday, January 23, 2012

A little of everything

While I still think setting the wedding date sooner rather than later was smart, I really miss my low-obligation weekends. Spare sewing/knitting time has been scarce these days, but I've managed to make a little progress.

FO: Rosy Pillowcases

I made some flannel pillowcases this week. I picked up this lovely Anna Maria Horner flannel from Pink Castle Fabrics. Luckily, my friend Chris (who I get to see in a few weeks!!) sent me a large scrap of another AMH flannel, which I used on part of the cuffs for a little contrast.

Book stash

I've accumulated quite the collection of sewing/quilting books! The top few were Christmas gifts, and some of the bottom ones are from my grandmother's stash. There are a lot of fun projects and techniques that I hope to try someday soon! In this photo, you can also see my growing AMH Good Folks collection. I just adore this line, and have been lucky to find pieces here and there, through swaps and etsy purchases.

Progress: Windschief Hat

I've been knitting on a few gift projects. I have two knitting FOs that I can't share until they're received, so it should be a couple of weeks for those. BUt this hat is destined for Elliott's mom. She asked for a knitted hat, and I just couldn't refuse. I'm using some Sundara Aran Merino (from a holiday gift bag). This yarn is beautiful! I love the slight variations in color, and the texture is lovely. The pattern is Stephen West's Windschief. I've already started the decreases, so I should have it finished soon.

Fluffy Bella

And a little Bella action to complete this post.

I wish you all a good week!
I vow to have my list of 2012 goals up before the end of the week!


  1. Isn't Windschief such an nice fun knit? I'm dying to try some Sundara someday. Your pillowcases are lovely too. I just basted a Loulouthi flannel quilt yesterday - so soft!

  2. I like the pillowcases, still warm for winter in flannel, but with the pretty floral that reminds you that Spring will eventually arrive!

  3. the shorter wedding timeline means less free time for sure, but you'll be glad you did it in the end! you are still making wonderful stuff!

  4. i love the pillowcases jacey. i bet they are so soft and warm. your stack of good folks is getting really tall! love the hat, it looks very soft and yay that you are almost done! bella looks so comfy there.

  5. Oh! I LOVE the AMH good folks collection too:) Great minds think alike:) We have alot of the same quilting books too:) LOVE your knitting! I can appreciate it so much more now that I am learning how...Still VERY confusing! I hope to be able to make beautiful things like you someday! oh..and the link for the xtra photos didn't work:( Try to resend it! I would really love to see them!! xo-Michaelanne

  6. Those pillowcases are beautiful. Great fabrics. They look so soft! Love that hat you are working on too, it's a great color.

  7. yay for weddings! :) love your new pillow cases!

  8. Great stash! As someone who is debating the long engagement, I am living vicariously through your short one.

  9. What a yummy pile of goodies! I'm always amazed at how much you are able to finish!

  10. The pillowcases are gorgeous! And I'm really loving the stack of AMH fabric-- she's one of my favorites.
    I hope the wedding planning is going well! I remember that feeling in the time leading up to my wedding that I just wanted to be able to do nothing again for a while! But, the planning is part of the fun, so I hope things are coming together well!

  11. Hi Bella!

    It looks like you are still getting in some crafting in and around wedding preparations! Don't worry, I think missing some crafting time is a small price to pay for having that day as perfect in reality as it is in your mind right now. I'm addicted to fun, hand-sewn pillowcases and these are pretty cool! Finish that hat up...the decreases are fast!

  12. What is an FO?? I cannot figure out what it stands for!

    Love the pillowcases and that hat looks like it's going to be very cozy. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. :D


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