Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy mail, part one

This was a week of ups and downs, but I've been lucky to have some happy mail this week. Surprise mail always brings a smile to my face! It's nice to see something other than bills occasionally! First up, on Wednesday, after getting home super late, I received two surprise packages (and a fabric package, *cough cough*!).

The first was from Ella. You may remember the Bohus Pillow I made for her in December.

A surprise from Ella!

She found these adorable Munki Munki pajamas at Marshall's and got me a pair! Fabulous! I think that headband is especially awesome!

The second package was from Sharon, one of my Sewing Summit peeps.

Package from Sharon

She sent this fun gift, with a frog tape measure, stitch markers, a handmade pouch (made by another friend), and a coffee cozy she knit using the stitch pattern from my scarf pattern!

Brown Sheep sock yarn from Sharon

She also sent this beautiful sock yarn. It's Brown Sheep Company yarn. I didn't look at the details yet, but it feels like 100% wool.

Thanks to both of you for having perfect timing!!


  1. Oh yes, I love getting mail other than bills too. It sure does brighten your day. x

  2. very fun! i can't wait for happy mail part two and Three! ;)

  3. Great packages! Happy mail is the best...I got a sweet, thoughtful package from a blog friend this week and it made my day!

  4. GREAT mail:) Wow..Can I borrow your jammies:) I'll give them back..promise:)haha..


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