Thursday, January 12, 2012

WIPs to finish

Like most of you crafters, I want to make all of the things! I tweeted the other day that I feel directionally challenged when it comes to crafting.
I feel pulled to several projects and crafts. To find some direction, I first want to document my list of outstanding WIPs.

There are a few I'm not listing, but these are the items I most desire to finish.


CPH Progress

First up, the embarrassing 3.5-year-old Central Park Hoodie. I'm so painfully close to finishing. All it needs is for me to finish picking up the second side of stitches and knit that button band. Then, seaming.

Progress: Gray Skies Cardigan

Second, the Gray Skies Cardigan. This one is another nearly-finished sweater. I think I have one partial sleeve to finish and seaming.

I've also got two single socks that need buddies.

I'm also close to finishing my Stripe Study shawl.


I have four quilts-in-progress at the moment.

Top halves complete!

There's Single Girl, which I haven't touched since April.

Progress: Bottled Rainbows

There's Bottled Rainbows. I've completed four of the sixteen blocks, and this is a long-term project. I like to do a block every now and then, but it would be rad to finish this before the end of the year. The bright side is that it's quilt as you go, so, once the top is complete, the rest should go really quickly.

Progress: Rain or Shine

There's Rain or Shine, which is probably the closest to being finished. I only have six more blocks to make for the top. I've actually been working on this one for the past few days. I'll have an updated progress photo to share soon.

And of course, there is Swoon.

Second Swoon

I've made six out of nine blocks, which you can see in my Swoon flickr set. Lucky for me (and you!), Katy has assembled a group of (300+) quilters for a Swoon-along! Feel free to join in on the fun and make your own Swoon!

In the next few days, I'm going to share my additional goals for 2012. But you can surely expect to see progress on these nine projects in the upcoming months!


  1. lol, I hear you! I think we all have crafty add! When I get like you are right now, I like to start with the projects that are the quickest to finish. Makes me feel productive.
    Love all the stuff you have in progress, they are going to look great.

  2. i have some paralyzing crafting ADD right now. oy. but you have some amazing WIPs that'll be lovely to finish. just pick one and go monogamous. that's what works for me.

  3. Lovely. Can.not.believe how big that Swoon group is! So fun to watch (only cuz I already made mine....)

  4. my list is similar to yours, down to the multi-years-old yarny projects.

    you're so close on many of them. if it were me, i'd start with the ones i'm almost through with and work my way up from there.

  5. You are a FABULOUS knitter..and quitlter! I am learning to KNIT!! I am so excited..working on the easiest thing I can do..a little scarf, but my second project will be pillow covers:) Good luck! I know you will finish!:)

  6. i can't wait to see you finish these. you are going to feel soo accomplished you will start about 12 additional projects! i love your swoon and rain or shine is beautiful!

  7. oh, I feel your CPH pain! I have the same sweater languishing in my WIPs as well- and really just needs some seaming and a button band. I don't know why I stopped working on it, but I can't seem to make myself pick it up again!

  8. I have that hoodie abandoned bin of shame (not to be confused with the drawer of shame)...both knitting going to be cleared this year or live somewhere that is not mine.
    Right now I want a three day sewing weekend, but my family is coming to visit, so I get MLK day to sew...

  9. Just think, finish one of those sweaters, you'll have something new and cozy to wear before it gets warm again! And finish a quilt and you'll have something pretty to snuggle under! But I am just as guilty as you on all fronts - and I also have not touched my Single Girl since last April!

  10. oh my gosh FINISH THAT HOODIE!! You are so so close and when you have the FO you will love it and wear it all the time. I have one my mom knit me years ago and I wear it constantly.

  11. If it makes you feel any better, I have UFOs from 2007 still sitting around, taking up space, weighing on me mentally! I know you can do better!

  12. That hoodie is so close to being finished! I can't wait to see it done!

  13. I was totally laughing when I read your post, because I have some of the exact same WIP's as you-- and on roughly the same timeline! I started a single girl last year that I want to be finished (like, magically, and on its own), and I have a CPH on the needles from probably 2 or 3 years ago. I see we have the same taste in projects and have hit the same roadblocks in finishing them up!

  14. ha, hit a nerve here i guess :-) i do have some wips and even ufos, too, so it is very inspiring how you try to manage, thanks for that. and beautiful pictures of your wips!!
    have a nice weekend

  15. I think the problem with your WIP list is that there are so many things that are both fabulous AND more than halfway complete. I don't think 'meh, maybe wait on that one' on any of these projects! You should know by now which one I'm most anxious to see but I'm fine being patient and just seeing one block at a time spread out over as much time as you need!

    I should do this by the way...when I've done it periodically in the past, it always motivates me to get at least some of them done! Good luck finishing up a few of these this year!


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