Sunday, September 9, 2012

House stuff, some x & + blocks

I mentioned there was a hot water leak in our place a few weeks back. The townhome association decided to reroute the plumbing line through our ceiling, and so there are a few holes.

House stuff

Downstairs bath

See that wire that is running over the stud (between the two hideous light fixtures)?
Yeah, that shouldn't be there.

An electrician came to fix that yesterday. And while we were at it, we asked him to take those fixtures away and we got a new ceiling-mounted one that will be installed once there is a ceiling again.

House stuff


Here, you can see our newly painted hallway (asparagus!), with our new pipe.

Next week, drywall repairs will begin.
The very bright side is that since this was the association's decision, they will be paying for the repairs (except the electrician). And I am glad I was already off of work, so that neither of us had to keep taking vacation days to be here for repairs.

So. On to happier things, yes??

& x blocks

I have decided I need a x & + quilt of my own, after making blocks for Ara Jane in do.Good Stitches.

And of course, seeing Jessica's amazing quilt top on the retreat influenced me as well.

I've been enjoying the scrap bin these past few days (although I haven't gotten much sewing done, since I've been sick).

And one tiny enabler alert for you: Kokka fabrics are on sale today at Pink Castle. You can get a 25% discount using the coupon code KOKKA25.
Just sayin'.

And last, but not least, I thought you might like to see a picture of Olias bath time.

Olias bath

I just love those little white feet.


  1. Your poor house. But yay for scrappy lovelies!!! I hope you're feeling better.

  2. love the asparagus wall! hopefully all of the repairs will be done soon and it'll be even better than before. i also love your blocks - i'm going to have to try this patter soon . . .really. feel better soon!

  3. Ah, I love your blocks Jacey!! They're amazing!! We just took Lily to the vet the other day, because for the first time she is getting knots and matting on her back. I was SO worried that she had fleas, an allergy, or some skin problem? As it turned out, she is just too chubby to reach her backside to groom herself properly! LOL Time for a little diet!! :)

  4. Hope your home is a home again soon. I have to make me a x and + quilt, too. I love the scrappy look. Unfortunately I don't have such lovely scraps (not enough designer fabric) like you, otherwise I would suggest a swap of two blocks or so. But by now you wouldn't get blocks with too much designer fabric, so I don't suggest. But I'll love to see your progress. :) Hope that inspires me, too.

  5. Not even a year after I bought my house in Idaho there was a huge, unfun repair to be made, and I came from from work with the repairmen drilling a giant hole, all the way through the foundation and into the ground below, in one of the bedrooms. Home ownership is so much fun!

  6. You know these blocks make my heart beat faster! The x &+ quilt has been my "dessert"sewing this year-what I work on when all the obligatory stuff is done! I am LOVING how it's turning out! Yay for scraps! Sorry you've been sick -me too-hasn't been fun. Feel better, friend, and good luck with the house stuff!

  7. Love the X & + blocks-- I don't think I'll ever get tired of those! Your house looks a little rough, I hope you're hanging in there! Those are some crazy holes in your walls, I hope they get fixed soon!


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