Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You know what I love?

Ara Jane and her amazing style. And the fact that this is how she starts each blog post. Telling you something she loves. How positive is that?

I met Ara Jane earlier this summer at our retreat and got lucky enough to have her draw my name in our recent swap as part of the do.Good Stitches Love circle.

Ara Jane professed in her card that she might have gone a little overboard, and she did, in the best way! Not only did she send me some of her delicious granola (we had this on the retreat and I have yet to try the recipe for myself) and some Theo chocolate bars (oh, the hazelnut one is my favorite so far!), but she also sent me some lovely green yarn.

And of course, there are handmades:

From Ara Jane

There's this embroidered hoop featuring the ever-awesome Treat Yo Self phrase (Monica's blog post has the video if you need a Parks & Rec fix). Ara Jane's embroidery is beautiful, and I actually have no hoops adorning my walls. So, yay for that!!

And the pillow.
Oh, the pillow.

From Ara Jane

I love the geese.
I love the colors.
I love the fabrics (this is my first dose of in-real-life Chicopee, and I must get that black voltage dot!).
I love her hand-stitching.

I love that Ara Jane's personality really shines through in these gifts.

Thank you again, Ara Jane!


  1. Lucky!! That pillow is totally perfect for you, I love it so much! And the hoop is so fun too!

  2. holy moly, the fabrics she chose for that pillow are amazing. Ara Jane always does make steller fabric choices.

    This weekend in Greenville I wanted a breakfast like Ara's (granola, yogurt, fruit) and my dream came true at the only breakfast place we could find. They even had dried cherries in the granola. I think Ara Jane was sending good vibes!

  3. it makes me so happy that you like my little package! yay for swaps!

  4. Well, that certainly was some awesomely fun mail!

  5. holy moly you are the luckiest ever!!!! That pillow. That PILLOW!!!

  6. Love it all! Beautiful work, beautiful colors! Love the stitching!

  7. that pillow is amazing, you really made out like a bandit with your swaps lately! xo


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