Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pluses to the perimeter

I fully expected to post sooner than this, but when your air conditioning goes out, it's not a great idea to add heat to the room with your computer. I'm popping in quickly to share a few things, though! Our AC should be fixed today, or tomorrow at the latest!

First up, thanks to everyone that entered the giveaway! The winner is commenter #90, Mimi! She said, "I like a bundle with 8 to 10!! Your selection is great !! Thanks for the chance!!

I've emailed Mimi about her win.

It was really interesting to read all of your comments, and it sounds like a bundle with 8-12 is ideal.

I have a finished SWOON quilt to share with you, but no pictures yet! There's also a little cross-stitch and knitting to share.

Today, I want to share a pillow I recently made for a dear friend.

Rhonda was interested in a plus pillow after seeing the pillow I made for Kate.


I pulled a variety of greens from the stash (always the best part).

Plus pillow top

Every time I make plus blocks, I want to make more!

FO: Green Pluses to the Perimeter

I really didn't want to give this pillow away, but since Rhonda's a pretty awesome chick, I did. She seems to love it!

My favorite part is the covered zipper:

FO: Green Pluses to the Perimeter

I installed this zipper using the Sew, Mama, Sew tutorial.

I'll be back soon with some more finishes!


  1. Yippee skippee!! This has been the best news in a long time!! Thank you! Thank you!!

  2. This green palate knocks me out. Love it! Need to make a plus quilt or pillow......

  3. Love this! The green is great (of course, it's always been one of my favorite colors, so I'm partial to it). And the hidden zipper is super impressive, I love the flap covering it!

  4. super cute, Jacey! That pillow looks like "you" with all that green. I always love that green and navy Amy Butler print. It's so strong!

  5. I adore this pillow! I love that covered zipper! And, I want that chair!!! So much goodness today, Jacey! Stay cool!!

  6. i love this pillow. it makes me love green even more than i already do. and that chair... i love it and want it. are you cooler yet today?

  7. I am in love with the plus blocks! I too feel like I will never get tired of them. All these greens together look so fresh. Can't wait to see your swoon!

  8. oh beautiful green pluses!! super lovely...

  9. mmm...this pillow is scrumptious! and look at you go with your fancy little hidden zipper ;)

  10. Awesome pillow - love the green!!!


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