Thursday, September 6, 2012


Hello, friends. It seems I've caught some sort of head cold, and I've been taking it easy the past couple of days. I feel worse today, but hopefully, I"ll kick this before too long.

I do have a couple of things to share. The do.Good Stitches Love circle did a little swap, and I drew Blue Crab, Elizabeth as my partner. She was very specific in asking for potholders, which I really appreciated. And she loves Innocent Crush!

IC Potholders

I made her two potholders. The left, in log cabin style, and the right, using Elizabeth Hartman's Mod Mosaic technique. They were fun to make, and I made them without binding.
Do you prefer to make/use potholders with or without binding? Just curious.
I like both methods of making and using.

I included some Innocent Crush scraps for Elizabeth as well.

FO: Echino Tote

I also just finished this Echino tote bag. I just love the stag prints they printed.

FO: Echino Tote

It holds lots of yarn, too!

I have other things to share, including my received Love circle swap items (!!!!), and a semi-fail skirt.


I'm also playing in the scrap bin, a la C.

Oh, one last thing! Amanda shared the cutest pouch tutorial on Sew Mama Sew! Check it out!


  1. hope you feel better soon! make sure E and the kitties take good care of you!

  2. Being sick is no fun! The pines must be putting out pollen here, my allergies have been going nuts. Hope you're better soon!

  3. get well soon!! thinking of you,

  4. oh no friend! if i was in your town i would make you chicken noodle soup and homemade bread ( and invite myself to eat with you! so so sorry you are poorly! thankfully you have lots of fabric and super cute kitties to keep you in good company! xo

  5. I like the potholder on the left. Get well soon.

  6. hooray for scrappiness! i hope you feel better swiftly!

  7. Feel better soon! At least it gives you an excuse to stay home and out of the 100 degree heat we've been having.

  8. Hope you are feeling better soon! We just had sickness through our house. It's miserable in the summer. Love those potholders, super cute. And a great idea to do a swap within your circle. I may have to suggest that for ours! ;)


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