Sunday, October 7, 2012


I can't tell you how happy I was to wake up this morning to cooler weather. I drove with my window down, and I'm fighting the urge to have the back door open at the house. I won't do it, since my kitties are 100% indoor. But I do think I'll have the windows open tonight!

So, I've got a handful of crafty things to show you today.


I managed to finish this sushi cross-stitch recently. I've actually started a second piece, this time Halloween-related. I'll be sure to share a picture of that one soon! The sushi pattern is from Frosted Pumpkin, of course!

I've also been on a major paper-piecing kick these days. You may remember the watermelon popsicle trivet I made for my mom this summer? Well, I've been piecing more popsicles this week. These are part of the Superbuzzy Super Penguin Quilt-Along, with patterns created by Ayumi.

One popsicle, two popsicles

I'm working on my third popsicle (the penguin!), and I do intend to purchase Ayumi's other blocks for this quilt-along. It's a fun challenge, and a chance to use some special tiny pieces from the stash.

FO: Scrappy Log Cabin Pillow

I also finished up this scrappy log cabin pillow, which I've listed in the shop. I love working with scraps, and I made this pillow top with the "quilt as you go" method.
I haven't figured out if the shop will be something I maintain, but it's been a great experiment, at the very least!

Finally, I wanted to share these owly pouches I made.

FO: Owly Pouches

Using some Essex linen, a stamp, and some owl ribbon from the stash, I made these fun little pouches in no-time flat. I've already set them aside for two special peeps, but I was thinking of making some more. I have a couple of other stampy ideas to try as well. I was inspired by my friend Amanda's recent screenprinting endeavor!

I hope you are enjoying a lazy Sunday today! I'm going to get back to organizing my scraps now; no easy feat!


  1. oh the scraps! as you saw, mine are a crazy messy mess. i am embracing it for now... ;) love the new pillow and love your Popsicles! those strawberries are my very favorite!

  2. I adore that cross stitch sushi! And those owl pouches are perfection, they remind me of my awesome fox pouches that I use all the time!

  3. Again, where do I start? I think I'll start with those AWESOME owl pouches!!! I think you should make some more, put them in your shop with the title 'reserved for elk biologist' and I'll snap them puppies up. Seriously! ;)

    I love your paper piecing too...I have done that before and I really like the process. In fact, my mom made me a paper-pieced table topper that is so completely awesome...hopefully soon I'll post some pictures of it!

    And I didn't realize you were cross stitching?! How do you find time for it all? I've been seeing some pretty cool cross stitch patterns around that I keep thinking maybe I need to give it a go. I found one that was a 'Silence of the Lambs' pattern and about started right then (I realize it's a little warped but whatever).


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