Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quilt Market favorites, part one

I just can't believe I was able to attend Quilt Market this year. It was such a wonderful experience, and I have a few things to share with you. I thought I'd share some of my favorite memories with you.


I met an Indie twin! Yes, there I am in my Painted Portrait Blouse, with a lovely gal wearing the same fabric. Only at quilt market is this a non-embarrassing event!
ETA: A commenter helped me identify this as Lauren, of Sew Modern! Sorry I didn't remember your name! (More FO shots of that blouse are soon to come!)

Sarah Watson

Sarah Watson

Holy geez, guys. Sarah Watson is one of Art Gallery's newest designers, and She's funny, completely adorable, and a genius! I am in love with both her new line, Luxe in Bloom, and her upcoming one. She won best new exhibitor as well, which is no surprise. I loved seeing her sketches!

Sarah Watson's scrappy quilt

I also loved her scrappy quilt, using every little bit of her Luxe in Bloom scraps.

Melody Miller

Melody is so genuine and inspiring!

Melody Miller 2

Her booth was perfection, and I loved the details she created. I have something else Melody-related to share with you soon!

Melody Miller

As you can see, her booth was so comfortable. We ended up sitting and enjoying the view on our last day.

Carolyn Friedlander

Carolyn Friedlander 2

Okay, I feel like this post is definitely one of enabling, but seriously, Architextures. Seriously. It's an amazing line of fabric, Carolyn's debut, and her patterns are so freaking good.

Carolyn Friedlander 1

I expect we will see more from Carolyn in the years to come!

Jacquie Gering and her quilt!

I met Jacquie Gering! She was so sweet, and it was cool to see her amazing bridges quilt in person!

Patty Sloniger Les Amis

Here's Patty Sloniger's booth, for her new line, Les Amis. Ack! The woodland cuteness is too much.

I also bought some colorful vintage ribbon, met tons of amazing people, and felt like a tourist in my own town.

Since this is a pretty long post, I'll save the remaining photos/memories for a second one.

I hope you enjoyed these little tidbits!


  1. What a great idea to split up the posts. I'm sitting here trying to muscle out a monster market post. Duh!

    It was awesome wasn't it?

  2. Hi Jacey, it was so nice to see you at Market! And I couldn't agree with you more, I am totally enamored with Sarah Watson's collection and that Bridge Quilt by Jacquie Gering is a work of art. I stared at it so long the attendant came over to show me the back so I could see the yellow band and how the stitching really popped... just amazing!

  3. Very fun! What an awesome opportunity for you!

  4. wow that's awesome! i'm so terribly jealous.

  5. Looks like such fun! Love the "twin" shot!

  6. Great pictures! I was lame and hardly took any - what was I thinking!

  7. Hot darn, you're on top of it! I was...umm...googling myself and found your blog. Yay! Glad I got to meet you, can't wait to keep in touch!

  8. Jacey, I didn't think it was possible for me to be more excited about Sarah's line and now I am!!! I can not wait! I wish I could have been with you, it looks like it was an amazing experience! Thanks for sharing!

    Love your top!

  9. I'm so so glad you got to go! This has been my favorite market peak so far. you shared some really great lines. I'm liking the look of Lux as well!

  10. I think your twin is Lauren from the great Sew Modern shop in LA.

  11. i am so glad you had such a fun time! xoxo


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