Tuesday, October 16, 2012


The rest of October is going to fly by! This week, a super fun friend is coming to visit! We've got plans to make metal clasp pouches, painted portrait blouses, and other fun things. There will also be a visit to the Lego store!

For the Painted Portrait Blouse

I'm washing this today for my Painted Portrait Blouse. It's Art Gallery, Indie!

The annoying part

I'm also finishing the flower star I showed you yesterday. My pieces are sewn together, so now it's all about ripping that paper!

Enabler alert: Brenda is having a huge sale to celebrate moving to a new space. As in, her house will be just a house, and not a fabric warehouse! You can get EVERYTHING in her shop for 25% off, with the code MOVING.

My to-do list is long, so I'm going to get back to it!


  1. thanks for the tip! i just bit the bullet on getting some more echino decoro and a walk in the woods bundle.

    i too dislike tearing off the paper. i wish i had a paper tearing elf to do it for me.

  2. Oh wow! I can't wait to see how your blouse turns out. Can you believe I have a bolt of that fabric?! It's amazing! I plan to use it to back my Indie quilt, with hopes to have enough left for something wearable, as well! ;)

    Have a fun time with your visitor -- I'm completely jealous! :)

  3. have such a fun weekend! i can't wait to see what you girls make! xo

  4. hooray for crafty friends!! have fun!


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