Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tiny Food Party!!

I was really excited when a favorite food blog, Spoon Fork Bacon, announced they wrote a book! It's called Tiny Food Party, (authors are Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park) and when the posted a request for reviewers, I jumped at the chance.

It's a Tiny Food Party!

I love to cook. And eat.

And who doesn't love tiny food?

The photography in this book is gorgeous, and most of the recipes are very approachable. I'm already thinking of using some of these for my sister's wedding shower next year (oh, did I mention my sweet sister is getting hitched? Yes, she is.)

Pint-Size Buttermilk Biscuits

I decided to make the pint-sized buttermilk biscuits this weekend. I've never made biscuits, for some weird reason. These were simple to make, and delicious. This recipe makes 8, which was perfect for a lazy Sunday. Most recipes in the book make a larger batch, perfect for small gatherings/parties.

I really want to make these:

Candied Bacon Churros

Candied Bacon Churros

Anything with the word bacon in the title does it for me.

Tiny corn dogs!

These corn dogs also look so fun!

There's an entire dessert section, as well as a breakfast section with things like mini chicken and waffles, and stuffed french toast!

Plus, there are a few mini cocktails as well!

It's seriously such a cute book. I do want to say that I received a copy of the book for free, but all the opinions I share here are honest ones. This is definitely a cookbook I would purchase for myself or a gift. The book comes out October 9th (next week), in case you're interested!

I plant to try other recipes soon, and I'll share them when I do!

I'm linking up with Debbie's Tuesday at the Table (even though it's not Tuesday).


  1. I think I need to borrow that book. Love you!

  2. Fun! I love to cook too-and eat, of course:). Those biscuits look yummy!

  3. cute! i love biscuits. and tiny food. and cookbooks. i will have to check this one out!

  4. So cute!! Love the little biscuits, LOVE that plate! Nice disclaimer, welcome to the sheep club!LOL

  5. i want to come to this tiny food party! the book looks awesome and honestly, you had me at tiny food and then i died at bacon and wanted to marry you at corn dog!! xo

  6. oh that looks good! I think I'll put it on my Christmas list! Thanks much for sharing AND for linking up!

  7. umm, what nicke said. i want a plate of those tiny corn dogs.

  8. Found you through Debbie's Tuesday and the Table link. Super cute book - perfect for my niece for Christmas. Thank you! :)


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