Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Tiny Food Party success!

It's a Tiny Food Party!

Remember this book? I shared a post about it late last year. Since then, I have tried two other recipes. One never got blogged (because the dish was inhaled before I could photograph), and here is the other:

Everything is better in MINI form

These are white chocolate cheesecakes! I used less white chocolate than was called for, and I really loved the results. They are not overly sweet, and so super cute. I used my regular muffin pan, with a yield of eleven cakes. The blueberry compote (also included in the book) was also delicious. I expect I'll enjoy some on my yogurt this week!

In another food news, I really love this x-stitch pattern.

Linking up today with Tuesday at the Table!

Although I haven't blogged about every recipe, I managed to try three new ones last month. These cheesecakes are the first for February!


  1. mmm. Those look very fun to eat!

  2. I can attest to the yummy goodness of the cheesecakes (I mean the "several") that I gobbled down. Thanks Jacey.

  3. Oh, those cheesecakes look good.

  4. Yeah, you aren't really helping with my willpower right now Jacey! These look super good...and oh my, I haven't had cheesecake in ages. Darn you.

  5. Yum! Those look fabulously delish. And you are reminding me that I really want that book. ha ha! I think the problem with tiny food is that I think I can eat like double the real portion...which probably isn't a good idea. ha ha!


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