Tuesday, February 12, 2013

FO: Hedgehog Apron

Thanks for all of your kind comments on Bridges. It feels so good to see improvement in a skill, like free-motion quilting. My word this year has really pushed me to be (mostly) monogamous (or monogamish, as C says) in my crafting.

But sometimes, like with my pincushion, a quick, fun project is what you need.

FO: hedgehog apron

A couple of weeks ago, it was this hedgehog apron.

My home decor weight fabric stash is a little unwieldy. That hedgehog fabric (acquired at least a year ago from Superbuzzy has always been a favorite, but I wasn't sure what to do with it.

I realized that although home dec might not be suitable for an apron skirt (a little too stiff for my liking), it would work well for the bodice.

I used my favorite apron pattern (previously made here, here and here.

Somehow, I'd never made one for myself, and the project definitely brought me happiness.

I hope to find more practical uses for my home decor stash soon!


  1. Very fun!! It's good to have an apron or two on hand!

  2. too cute. i feel like you should be serving olias and bella tea and cakes or something!

  3. Nice! Kudos for making yourself one!

  4. I still really love that apron. :)

  5. i hope you have gotten a lot of use out of this cute apron while you sharpen all of your amazing cooking skills! also, that is one beautiful stack of home dec fabrics!


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