Wednesday, November 16, 2016

FO: Brushstrokes Plus

FO: Brushstroke Plus

It's no secret that I love plus quilts.
I made this one using Jeni's Arithmetic pattern a few years back, and decided it was time for another!

Holly released her first fabric line earlier this year, Brushstrokes, for Cloud 9.

I paired the bundle Holly sent with a few black and white prints, as well as a smattering of pastel Cotton Couture solids.

A quilt like this comes together pretty quickly, especially if you have a design wall. I tend to use the floor for this task, since my "design wall" is only about a yard of space (but I'm glad to have it!) (and hi Olias!).

FO: Brushstroke Plus

I quilted this very simply with diagonal lines, and I love the way it turned out.

(Hi Bella!)
FO: Brushstroke Plus

And of course, I love the back.

FO: Brushstroke Plus


  1. This one is so pretty! So many cheerful colors. (HIIIIIII Bella!)

  2. Nice! I just finished a plus quilt and am in the mood to make another!


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