Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June bee blocks

I finally finished my Wonky Bee blocks for June. I've never made word blocks before, and they were a little tricky for me. Carrie wanted Christmas word blocks for a quilt she is working on. She sent along some fun holiday prints, and I shamelessly tried to pick easy short words for these blocks.

Wonky Bee Block #1

I think this one turned out the best.

Wonky Bee Block #2

My second one is definitely "wonky".

I also finished up my blocks for do.Good Stitches earlier this month.

June: "Comfort" blocks

Jenn asked for triangle blocks in masculine orange & blue fabrics. I loved these blocks. They were fun to make, and I think they look so bold in the colors Jenn chose.

I also joined a group that Chawne mentioned on her blog called 60 blocks of summer. The goal is to finish at least 60 blocks of summer, which seems totally possible.

I've finished six blocks so far, so I better get moving!


  1. Those wonky blocks sure look complicated to make!

  2. I've never done word blocks either, they look hard! You did a great job. Love those orange and blue blocks.

  3. hooray, i love words in quilts! your blocks look great.

    and you totally can do the 60 blocks! you have until late September. sew, sew, sew!


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