Saturday, June 4, 2011

New stash and an embroidery finish

You know, I haven't cheated once on my yarn stash pact for 2011. Not once. I have acquired two new skeins since January 1: one was the handspun gift from Sarah (in exchange for my sewing machine) and the second was the recently won skein of Silk Lace from Sundara (but that's another post).

On the entirely different hand, fabric purchases in 2011? Well, let's just say I have a very healthy stash, and I'm okay with that. Melissa and I were just talking about this. I don't feel any guilt over fabric purchases, because I'm sewing often and more fabric can be used quickly (versus yarn). I'm way behind on taking pictures of the stash, but here are a couple of my recent purchases:

New stash: Outside Oslo
FQ set of the Outside Oslo line, by Jessica Jones, purchased from Pink Chalk Fabrics

Etsy purchase
Summersville hand printed fabrics, purchased on etsy

I'll share some more new stash in the coming weeks.

For Tiny Acorn

I finished my second embroider-bee block last night. I really love the way the words turned out.


To make this, I:
cut a template balloon out of freezer paper,
cut out the shapes from interface-fused fabric,
glued them on to my backing fabric, and
stitched them in place.


I wrote out the words and then just traced them in thread.

Very fun, and a pretty quick project. I used scraps to match the stitching, and hopefully, the recipient will love it!

I hope you're enjoying your Saturday. I know I am!


  1. Ack! I love that blue fabric in the second photo. Great embroidery block too.

  2. Oh that stash diet . . . I've been mostly good this year. But I fell down a couple of weeks ago for a little skein of green (surprise, surprise) malabrigo lace. And that's just the latest stash diet fail.

    I love that first fat quarter set - great mod prints! And that blue print from Etsy is simply stunning.

  3. I adore those balloons and everything about that block! It's so cute!

  4. love those summersville fabrics, so pretty.

  5. that's a beautiful block!

    i don't feel guilty about adding to the fabric stash. i feel like i don't have enough fabric. i can go to the yarn stash and pull out yarn to make almost anything i feel like at that moment but i'm not quite there yet with fabric.

  6. Great new embroidery block! I always enjoy your style, Jacey. Those fabrics from summersville are super cool. Off to check them out now.

  7. Love your embroidery block. So cute!


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