Friday, June 3, 2011

June Project Spectrum: a focus on green

Well, May came and went with very little red crafting. I am still working on the Hedera socks, but I am off to a slow start for Project Spectrum.

I've started brainstorming for June, the month of green.

PS Green

I created this mosaic (I just love making mosaics!) of some of my favorite green flickr inspirations. Please click through to see picture sources.

I hope to work more on this new quilting project:

New project

I'm making a Map of the States quilt. After trying this block back in February, I decided I would love an entire quilt of scrappy squares.

My inspiration started with the Magnolia Lane line, by Laura Gunn.

New fabric: Magnolia Lane by Laura Gunn

I love her bold florals, and especially the Painter's Canvas prints. I think they pair nicely with the other prints I've chosen. There's a little Kumari Gardens, Valori Wells, Amy Butler, and Joel Dewberry.

Moss Covered Rock

This picture I took in Berkeley last December is also inspiring to me. Ah, I wish it was as cool as that rainy day, instead of 100 degrees. Well, we can't have everything!

Have a great weekend!


  1. your new quilt project looks great. you're going to have
    so many colorful quilts at your house!

    i love the green linen bag at the bottom. so pretty!

  2. How did it take me so long to add you to my blog roll? Argh, baby brain!

    Those greens are fabulous (you know I have a bit of a thing for green).

    Such a nifty quilt pattern. I can't wait to see more blocks!

  3. it's so bright and beautiful here today. great post.

  4. ooh, I love the colour brainstorming. And green is my favourite colour!


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