Saturday, June 11, 2011

Progress: Bottled Rainbows

Progress: Lime Bottle Rainbows

I finished my third Bottled Rainbows block this week.

I don't why I didn't think of it last month, but I realized that I could work on Bottled Rainbows as part of Project Spectrum. Duh. I know, obvious, right?

So, this week, I put together my Lime green block. I have a ton of green scraps. I recently traded scraps with a few people, including Melissa, so my scraps options were plentiful.

What my sewing area looked like last night

Bella offered to help me place scraps, which was awfully helpful.

Lime Bottled Rainbows Block

Here's the finished block. I really love it, although I think the orange block is still my favorite.

Progress: Bottled Rainbows

I like the look of these blocks all lined up in a row.

I hope to get my second green block done before the end of June.

In other green crafty news, I've cast on for a knitting project with this yarn:

Sapphire Green Malabrigo

I just love the color, and even though Worsted Wool is absolutely impractical for Houston right now, I couldn't resist starting something with it. It should work up quickly, and I'll share photos soon.

I'm working on getting some furniture out of the house and donated this morning, as well as breakfast with a dear friend. And of course, there will be crafting!
Have a fun Saturday!


  1. Love the blocks! and trading scraps? That's pretty genius! I can't imagine why the orange block is your favorite? It seems to be your fav color!

  2. Is that malabrigo? What color? I'm a junkie.

  3. Your quilting always inspires me to sew! Then I go look at my sewing machine and realize I have no idea where to even begin. :)

  4. Those blocks are so amazing. I love how they all come together.

  5. Love these blocks! So jealous you're doing the quilt a long ... I really need to start this too, once I find the Kona colors. I finally started separating my really small scraps out into jars by color!

    Your Hope Valley is going out in the mail too this morning, with some scraps as well! Enjoy! (and fun blog too!).

  6. so pretty! bottled rainbows is a really fun QAL.

    is that malabrigo? it's always smart to knit sweaters in the off-season so it'll be ready when you need it. though it does suck to work on it in 90 deg temps with no air conditioning. :-)

  7. Your blocks are looking so awesome!!


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