Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Favorites and a few links

Friday Favorites
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I was inspired by Sara to put together a few links and a favorite mosaic this morning.

I'm thinking of making this for dinner tonight.
I'd also love to try this delicious concoction.
I think Mr. Olias would look so dapper in this.
This other cat-related pin cracks me up!
An embroidered pillow case a la AMH is on my to-do list. I bought this exact fabric. I couldn't resist!
I LOVE this yellow quilt
I'd really like to get one of these for my desk at work

Happy Friday, peeps!


  1. I love your Friday favorites -- great picks!!!

  2. Thanks for giving the meatballs a chance! We were quite pleased with how well they turned out.

  3. Thanks for including my bag in your Friday Fav's! What a nice surprise :)

  4. Great pics! Those bags are great, and I love that AMH pillow too!


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