Friday, September 9, 2011

Flashback Friday and some links


I liked posting the picture of my dad and I, so here's another one of little Jacey. I loved wearing my dad's giant cowboy boots when I was little. You can see my sister Jill in the crib.

Onto the links!

My aunt Mary gave me a sackful of butternut squash this weekend, so I think I'll be making this soon.
I have so much love for Chawne's Composting. I am going to start cutting some scraps this weekend, in fact!
Did you see this beautiful Retro Flowers quilt pattern?
These make me happy.
I'm kind of obsessed with making Etsy treasuries. Here's one I made yesterday.
I'm loving the new Colette patterns. Cute!
Jeni's Single Girl is awesome!
After seeing this, I immediately wanted to go camping. Incredible shot!

Have a great weekend, peeps! I'll have some FOs to share with you next week. xo.


  1. aww so cute! and I love that you have the boots on the wrong feet. :)

  2. Well aren't you just too cute!! (And sweet, thanks for the love!)

    Happy weekend!

  3. i do love that quilt pattern and i love the new colette line too...but i'm going to wait until other people tackle it first (especially the pants). she tends to design for a curvier silhouette than i have.

    cute cowboy boots!

  4. So cute! You had fab style even back then.

    I love those new Colette patterns. They are so chic.

  5. Man, you rock those boots and the shades!
    Your recipe link made me wish I wasn't allergic to onions. Boo. There is a butternut squash lurking in the pantry. I'll have to poke The Pirate to get him to make something with it now. (Teehee....poke The Pirate.)

  6. so adorable!

    i love Christina's new quilt. and thanks for the love!

  7. Well weren't you a cutie! And so cool already! :)

  8. loved your treasuries. so great! good news... the mini quilt is finished! yay! taking pics tonight and i will share with you tomorrow!

  9. Great picture! I should send you one i have of tadpole wearing these little pink cowboy boots that my aunt sent.

    Those links all made me smile. Now if only camping came with that view AND a nice bathroom.


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