Thursday, September 1, 2011

If I wish it

Sometimes, I wish I lived somewhere else. I've lived in the Houston area all my life, and there are things I really love. But the heat. The humidity. I could probably do without those. Also, the lack of "seasons".

Orange giant

This photograph was not taken in Houston. I took this at Berkeley last December.

I so desperately love the colors of fall foliage, and I dream of living in a place where I can really experience them. Then winter comes, and I feel pretty good about my locale.

To pretend fall is nearer than it is for me, I started a pin board to get me inspired. Now I'm dreaming of warm fall shades, jewel tones and ashy gray. I'm thinking about bonfires, carnivals, trench coats and knits.

Speaking of knits, I finished half of one this week.

Progress: Figgy Toast

My first Toast mitt is finished, and I'm halfway done with the second.

In thinking about fall, I'm also pretty excited about this month's color focus for Project Spectrum:

Project Spectrum: Yellow

It's yellow! I do love yellow.

I'm going to link up with Rachel today as part of Celebrate Color.

Celebrate Color


  1. fall is wonderful. it's my favorite season and it's really pretty here.

    love your mosaic. yay, yellow!

  2. I'll say it again - love your new mitt. What is about mitts that = instant cool? Could also be your dark nails. I used to paint my nails...


    So, thanks for linking up =) Speaking of wishing for fall colors, SLC's going to be gorgeous in October!

  3. ooh, your toast mitt is gorgeous!! I can understand the desire for the change of seasons. I've always lived somewhere where the change was obvious, but there is still that pull to see the colours change, the cooler air, and the shift in priorities (no more ice cream, I want pumpkin pie!).

  4. When I first moved here from CA many people asked if I was excited to live where there were "seasons". All I can say is it's overrated. Yes, fall is beautiful with all the leaves changing and the air actually feeling crisp (it really does) for a whole three weeks then BOOM! It's winter from November through March. It's cold all spring until it's mid June and then hot and muggy. I would stick with the pretending and the pin board. Maybe wear your mitt while you're thinking about it. :)

  5. I love your yellow mosaic! And coming from FL I feel you on wishing for real seasons...of course not shoveling snow or wearing flip flops for 9 months a year does have it's advantages...

  6. Mmm, Fall is my favorite! The only problem here is that after Fall, comes snow, haha. :)

    Love the colors in that mosaic!

  7. i am proud to tell you that i have started crocheting. i am still new and i really suck but it is getting better. i will learn to knit next. love your mitt. that yarn is really really pretty.

  8. I'm all about Fall and am now feeling like I must cast on for some wrist warmers asap!

    Loving all that Yellow!!! I think I may have to share my Fall Inspiration tomorrow to link up with Celebrate Color -- it's going to be fun!

  9. Oh, that mitt is awesome. I think I've had that pattern in my queue for ages as well...
    I grew up in a country where there was way too much cold and not enough warmth in a year. Now it's better, but I do have enough chances to sport my knitwear. :)

  10. I'm with you there--I've always loved the "in-between" seasons of spring and fall. I think I like spring better though because (living in Minnesota all my life) fall meant that winter was coming but spring was more of a refresher and awakening.

    Btw, LOVE the colors of your walls!

  11. Yeah, I'd feel pretty good about Houston once winter rolls around haha But that is sad that you don't get to experience the fall colours. Your Toast mitts are looking rad!

  12. Autumn is my favorite season. English autumns aren't *quite* as nice as California ones, in my opinion but that just might be homesickness.

  13. i'm pretty much addicted to knitting fingerless gloves. those look nice, i think i have that pattern in my ravelry queue.

  14. Mmm, love your colours. I've enjoyed seeing them pop up on pinterest. Makes me want to grab my yarn and knit something.

  15. Ah yes! Those are the colors I picked too. mmmm they make me happy!
    sewing in Saskatoon

  16. I am totally a fall girl. So looking forward to the knits and light jackets. Toast looks cute and toasty.


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