Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You know what they say

I named the test-knit project (for Rue) "Put a baby in it", and my first best friend ever just let me know she is having a boy early next year. So all of a sudden, this sweater has a recipient.

Progress: Test Knit Baby Sweater

I'm much further along than the picture shows (which is good, because my deadline is fast approaching!). I finished the body up to the armhole joining this weekend, and cast on for the second sleeve. I'm hoping to get some more quality knitting time this weekend, and I should be able to wrap this up next week. Rue is releasing the free pattern very soon, so stay tuned for that on her blog!

Also on the to-do list?

To-do: Foxy Pajamas

A pair of foxy pajama pants, of course! I bought some Monaluna Anika to make myself a pair of fun PJ pants for the Sewing Summit. Let's just see if I can whip those up in time. I sure hope so!

I'd also love to make a laptop case like Jeni's, but that may be pushing it.

And don't even get me started on the rest of the to-do list. There is always too much to do, but I like it that way.

I was able to resist the Pretty Little Pouch sign-ups, but it was hard! If you have never done a swap, it's a great way to get your feet wet!


  1. wow, you should really put your baby-making test-knitting powers to work for hire. but not on me (backs away slowly)...

    can't wait to see the pants. that fabric is awesome!

  2. aww, can't wait to see that knit creation! Very sweet. And I love that fox fabric - adorable! You'll have to wear your jammies to a class at the summit so everyone can admire them.

  3. I can't even tell you how much the idea of foxy pjs tickles me. Love it!

    And the baby cardi is going to be adorbs. I can just tell.

  4. LOVE the fox flannel. I'm a sucker for foxes.

  5. you know you're a cute little heartbreaker... foxy!

    love the foxes. they are going to be perfect as jammies.

  6. squeal!! I love that foxy fabric, those are going to be the cutest pyjama pants ever.

  7. Yes, yes, those fox pjs definitely look like you ;). Now I see why we should wear pj pants at the Summit!

  8. You are killing me with the pretty! I seriously need some new PJ pants - I put both legs into one pant leg last night and it almost fit! Now I'm gonna have to order some fabric...

  9. Oh goodness...I gotta get some of that fabric. I LOVE foxes! I'm obsessed with them. So cute!

  10. Gah! I love the foxy fabric for PJ pants! I have already made my pair of pants for the year but maybe I need to make another...

  11. Baby knits are so fun when you're knitting for an actual baby. Congrats to your friend!

    That fix print is too cute. Can't wait to see the pjs!

  12. Omigosh, those pajama pants are going to be too, too cute. Love the fabric!


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